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Can I Learn Chinese Without Learning How to Handwrite the Characters?

“Can I learn Chinese without having to learn how to handwrite Chinese characters?” This is

Learn Chinese Characters Effortlessly With This Hack

Written Chinese language contains more than 50,000 characters, and more and more are added all

Do I Really Need a Teacher to Learn Mandarin Well?

If you surf the internet today, you will find a never-ending list of apps that

China’s Huge Role in the Global Economy

Over the last decades, China has become the main engine of world economic growth. Since

Why Learning Chinese Is Not as Hard as What You Think

Many people think that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world. The thought

Why You Need to Learn Chinese When You Already Speak English

You can speak English? Great. Great. Then you have the first-hand experience of how learning


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Business purposes, traveling purposes, work purposes, leisure and recreational purposes, basically everything.

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