About Us

Welcome to MandarinBoss

When I was a kid, every time the word “Chinese” or mandarin came out of my parents’ mouths, I used to ignore them and pretended I did not hear them. One day, miraculously, and thankfully for that matter, I finally came to my senses and decided to take up Mandarin lessons from my parents, tutors, and even professionals.

Fast forward a few years later, I was an expert at Mandarin. The language is both fun and interesting, so I kept on learning and yearning to be a Master. 

In 2009, without my realizing, I was already teaching students who were way older than me. I even taught some Mandarin teachers and helped them prepare class curriculum.

~Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mandarin Boss~


We have a huge variety of students that come from different ethnic groups, cultures, professions, skin colors, and also ages.
We believe this brings out the best in every student. Not only do they learn Chinese, but they also get exposed to a whole lot of different cultures and most importantly, globalization.


Why Choose us


We know what we’re doing and we’re the best at it. We’re customizing the curriculum base on what our student have at the moment and aiming for progress to help our students achieve their goals.

Our Mission


Our priority is progress, progress, and progress. We’re helping you to set your own goals and achieve them. Because we’re here for you.

Our Visions


To make Mandarin global, because we can’t deny, it became second most spoken language. And in the near future it will become our needs.