If you surf the internet today, you will find a never-ending list of apps that you can use to learn Mandarin self-taught. So why do you still need a teacher?

It is often a controversial and thought-provoking question, and the answer to this question has been debated. In today’s blog post, we will tell you the teacher’s role in learning a foreign language.

Learning a foreign language by yourself can be a good option, but studying with a teacher is preferable and more efficient if you want to understand the language thoroughly. 

There is so much more a good teacher can provide other than knowledge. Here are some of the roles that a teacher holds in your second language learning process. 

1. Plan your lesson syllabus

As someone who’s gone through the same learning process you’re taking, a foreign language teacher knows the best when it comes to the tips and tricks to overcome the difficulty. They have the first-hand experience of finding ways to be a language expert. 

A teacher will help you choose the best curriculum based on your current knowledge level and establish an effective learning method to help you achieve your learning goal. 

If you don’t have much time to spend on conducting trial and error, learning with a teacher would be more favorable than learning independently. 

2. Explain how the language works for you

Unless you’re learning a foreign language by living in the origin country, you probably won’t get the most valuable tips on how the language works in real life. 

Take the pronoun of Beijing, the capital city of Mainland China, as an example. Why do Chinese people can use 她 as its pronoun? Why isn’t it 它? It’s because the capital city can be called the mother of the city in Chinese.

In MandarinBoss, we provide teachers who speak fluent Chinese or completed study in China and understand how the language works. You won’t get “that’s the way it is” or “that’s how Chinese works” from our teachers. 

If you are a first-time learner or a beginner, you’ll also need to find a teacher who speaks Bahasa or English well enough. So, they can explain difficult points to you in a way that you can relate to. They’re able to make cross-references between your first language and Chinese. Teachers can also give you cultural insights that are infused in the language itself.

3. Measure your improvement and give constructive feedback

Self-teaching to play the piano is possible. But, pointing out whether you’re playing in the right tempo, whether you’re sitting in the proper position, or pressing the key with the correct pressure is really hard without a teacher.

A teacher can help monitor your progress closely, give you compliments when you’re doing great, and give valuable feedback on parts you need to improve. Good encouragement from a teacher can be an excellent source of motivation for a student. Professional feedback will help you acknowledge your weaknesses and how you can improve them to make your learning process more effective.


While self-taught yourself how to read and speak Chinese is not impossible, there are a few insights that you can obtain only if you learn with a teacher. A teacher will help you plan your learning syllabus, explain how the language works in daily life, measure your improvement and give constructive feedback. These processes will boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your foreign language learning process.

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Written by: Suci Fransiska

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