Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

You are only given fully customized lessons that have been specifically tailored to match your learning styles and goals for effective learning. 

Since Chinese is a complex of different aspects; tone, writing, pronunciation, and other things, we believe that every student needs the teacher’s 100% focus to perfect (not just improve) their Chinese. 

It all depends on each individual’s capability and desire to improve. But, put your mind at ease, remember that we’re customizing the lesson for you? Yup, we assess our prospective students and give you recommendation for the best lesson plan.

The simply answer is no. We don’t want to waste your money and our time, there’s no shortcut for success. We usually suggest students to at least learn some basic Chinese for some time before they jump onto Chinese for professionals. 


1 hour for kids 

hr 30 mins for teenagers and adults 

You can give us a phone call on +62 8111 9009 82. Or simply left us a message on our WhatsApp number +62 822 9900 1692.