Optimize Your Cognitive Skills by Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin offers many benefits, both for your personal and professional growth.

You might have known some of them:

  1. Travel with confidence anywhere. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world (English is only the third!). Around 1.3 billion people speak Chinese, and roughly 917 million of them speak Mandarin. And it’s not only spoken in Mainland China but also Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.
  2. Your Mandarin language skills will open up a whole new career opportunity for you. Since China’s economy is experiencing overwhelming growth and Mandarin-speaking people live all across the world, it’s more than likely that every company has at least one client or supplier that speaks Mandarin. That’s why a lot of companies are seeking employees who can speak fluent Mandarin.
  3. Enjoy Chinese music and movies authentically. While you can turn on the subtitles or look for the translation of Chinese song lyrics, translations may not always deliver the original meaning. You might also miss one or two great jokes in the movie if you don’t understand Mandarin.
  4. Learning Mandarin helps you to get to know Chinese culture. Chinese culture is one of the richest and oldest civilizations in the world. Understanding the language will make you appreciate its culture and even its food like you’ve never had before.

You might have heard the above reasons to learn Mandarin all the time. But, do you know that learning Mandarin also improves your brainpower? 

Mandarin is an entirely different language than what we usually use as an English or Bahasa speaker, which is why it is an excellent exercise for our brain.

Studies have proved that learning Chinese trains someone’s cognitive ability that is not utilized in studying other languages, and it can even make you better at math!

Here are some of the findings that show how learning Mandarin activates the part of your brains like no other language does:

  1. Recognizing the tones in Chinese activates both sides of the brain

Unlike English and Bahasa, Mandarin is a tonal language that distinguishes the entirely different meaning of the same syllable, depending on its spoken intonation.

For example, ‘ma’ in its different tones has a meaning of mother, hemp, horse, and scold.

Recognizing these four different tones requires the use of both temporal lobes of the brain. While speaking non-tonal languages, we only use the left temporal lobe of the brain.

  1. Memorizing and writing Chinese characters develops spatial skills

Compared to English and Bahasa, which mainly consist of alphabets and are written in linear from left to right, Chinese characters have a more complex structure. The practice of handwriting the Chinese characters also involves strokes in all four directions (up, down, left, right) with sequential movements. 

Studies found that the fingers and hand’s sequential movement to form a Chinese character activates the neural activity in the working, thinking, and spatial memory of our brain.

  1. Writing Chinese characters makes you or your kids better at math

In addition to spatial skills, character writing also involves counting, grouping, ordering, and identifying similarities and differences, which are essentially the basics of math skills. This activity is especially beneficial for kids. So while your kids are learning Chinese, they are also reinforcing basic mathematical concepts.

  1. Learning Chinese helps with memorization

Memorizing hundreds and thousands of Chinese characters is usually the primary reason someone draws back from learning Chinese. It turns out that remembering Chinese characters helps you increase your memory as you need to keep many characters glued in your mind.


A lot of research has proven that learning Chinese can help someone with their cognitive development to a greater extent, especially on kids. Since Mandarin is a tonal language and consists of complex structured characters, it activates the part of the brain, which does not happen when you learn other languages.

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