Yes, you read it right. We want to tell you why MandarinBoss is relatively more expensive than other learning centers in general.

Hi, Mandarin learners! We’re back again with an article that will help you start setting your first step right in learning Chinese. You already know the benefits of learning Chinese from our previous blog post. But the problem has not been solved. Now you have to find an answer on “where should I learn Mandarin” or “whom should I learn it from?”

In today’s blog post, we’ll explain to you why choosing MandarinBoss as your learning partner will be worth the price.

  1. Our teachers are someone who understands how the language works and can explain it to you

Most websites or people you know will recommend you to find a native speaker tutor. Do you know that not every native speaker has a detailed knowledge of how a language works? In addition to that, native speakers are not familiar with our language, so it’s hard for them to explain or give an example related to our day-to-day conversations.

Taking English as an example. There are a lot of native English speakers that get jobs teaching English in non-English speaking countries mainly just because they are native speakers. But, when you ask them about the difference between “among and between”, “effect and affect”, “avenge and revenge”, they can’t explain it.

In MandarinBoss, we provide teachers who speak fluent Chinese or completed study in China and understand how the language works. You won’t get “that’s the way it is” or “that’s how Chinese works” from our teachers. 

If you are a first-time learner or a beginner, you’ll also need to find a teacher who speaks Bahasa or English well enough. So, they can explain difficult points to you in a way that you can relate to. In MandarinBoss, every teacher understands both Bahasa Indonesia and English, so they’re able to make cross-references between your first language and Chinese. Our teachers understand the difficulties of learning Chinese, so they can help you or your kids to figure out your problems and make learning Chinese easier.

  1. Our aim is not to make you able to speak Mandarin but to love to converse in Mandarin

Chinese is an exciting and fascinating language to learn, but it can also be really frustrating. We have been in classes where the teacher simply asks you to read and memorize the entire book full of grammars and new vocabulary; Maybe you’ve met them too. 

While it might be suitable for some people, most Chinese learners get demotivated and end up not continuing their studies ever again. That’s why you need a learning center that has an engaging learning method. 

In MandarinBoss, we strive to build a fun learning method and environment to keep our students, especially kids, eager to learn. We also customize the curriculum based on your current knowledge level and establish an effective learning method to help you achieve your learning goal.

  1. We measure each and every student’s improvement

Besides the learning methods, our teachers also balance the encouragement and feedback given to our students. Good encouragement from a teacher can be an excellent source of motivation for the student. But, it won’t be helpful to get praise all the time without knowing about your weaknesses and how you can improve them. 

Our teachers can help you with that. You will definitely get compliments if you’re doing great in your lessons. Still, you will also gain valuable professional feedback on improving your language skills from our teachers.

Since our classes are mainly private, our teachers can monitor your progress closely. Through the intimate learning process, we can identify your needs, shape the learning syllabus from that input, and help you achieve your learning goal.

  1. Our teachers are someone you can trust with your kids

Kids spend a lot of their time with teachers, and they absorb a lot of things from their interaction with the educators. Good teachers understand that character education is at least half of their job. This is why the best teachers are so much more than their knowledge and expertise; they are someone who is patient, caring, and have their students’ best interests at heart. 

When we’re hiring teachers for younger students, we’re not only looking for someone who can develop our students’ skills and abilities in learning Chinese, but also someone who is compassionate and has the capacity to teach your kids good characters and be the role model themselves.


MandarinBoss provides the best quality of aspects you need to find in a good Mandarin teacher, both academic and character. It is something you’ll find as hard as finding a needle in a haystack if you don’t sign up for the right learning center. That is why we’re charging you slightly higher than other Mandarin learning centers in general. But, we can guarantee that you will gain even more benefits than the cost difference you pay by learning from the best teachers. 

About MandarinBoss

If you are currently looking for a great place to start learning Mandarin for your kids or yourself, you can choose MandarinBoss! Here in MandarinBoss, we strive to build a fun learning method and environment to keep you or your kids eager to learn. 

We customize the curriculum based on our students’ current knowledge level and establish an effective learning method to help them achieve the learning goal. Whether it’s for business, education, traveling, or recreational purposes, we’re ready to cover your every need. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the classes today!

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