Many people think that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world.

The thought of memorizing so many characters that come with their individual tones has many people feel intimidated, even before trying to be acquainted with this language.

Guess what? We have good news for you!

If you are one of the people who think that learning Mandarin is too much struggle, you’ve come to the right place!

Take a look at these three reasons that make us sure to say Mandarin isn’t as hard as it seems.

  1. Simple Grammar

If you can ace English grammar, then Chinese grammar should be the least of your worries. Chinese has one of the most simple grammatical structures of any language. In Chinese, the verb remains the same no matter the subject and tenses of the sentence.

I go to school every day我 每天 上学
She goes to school every day她 每天 上学
He went to school yesterday他 昨天 上学 了
You will go to school tomorrow你 明天 上学

You can see here that when the time phrase changes, the verb stays exactly the same in all sentences.

This rule also applies to nouns. While nouns in English have plural forms, nouns in Chinese do not change in their plural form. And, the bonus is Chinese characters have no grammatical gender.

One book一本书
Two books两本书
A lot of books很多书

See? This very first reason has eliminated a level of difficulty.

  1. Relatively Easy Word Order

Chinese word order generally follows the pattern of Subject – Verb – Object. At least that’s all you have to know before you decide to learn Chinese at a more advanced level.

  1. Repeating pattern of character

Once you start learning more Chinese characters, you can see a lot of basic components are repeatedly used, and it is pretty straightforward.

A single 木 which means a tree or a wood.Two 木 make 林 which means woods.Three 木 make 森 which means forest.

You can also see the same component is used in the words that belong to the same group.

鸟 means bird.鸡 means chicken.鸭 means duck.
口 means mouth.吃 means to eat.喝 means to drink.喊 means to shout.唱歌 means to sing.

Easy isn’t it? And if you take a closer look, you can see that Chinese characters represent the words’ actual meaning.

人 person口 mouth山 mountain鸟 bird
  1. Logical vocabulary

You might feel intimidated when you hear Chinese has more than 50,000 characters in existence. The good news is you don’t have to memorize all those characters to have a smooth conversation. Even reading a newspaper only requires literacy of 2,000 – 3,000 characters.

Even if Chinese has so many characters, many are repeatedly used to form different words. Each Chinese character has its individual meaning and will form into a new word when combined. Related words often consist of the same character, making it easier for you to learn them.

Let’s take electricity as an example:

电话 (Phone)电 (Electricity) + 话 (words)
电梯 (Elevator)电 (Electricity) + 梯 (ladder)
电脑 (Computer)电 (Electricity) + 脑 (brain)

So, after seeing all of the explanations above, learning Mandarin is not that hard, right?


Many people back off from learning Chinese because they thought of memorizing many characters with their individual tones. But it turns out that when you’ve studied more characters,  you can see many basic components are repeatedly used and even represent the actual image of the words’ meaning. Chinese grammar is also simpler than English grammar. So, don’t be afraid to learn Chinese!

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Written by: Suci Fransiska

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