You can speak English? Great. Great. Then you have the first-hand experience of how learning English in addition to your native language can help you get a better job and makes it easier to travel. You have realized how learning English lets you enjoy your favorite movies, music, and TV shows without any difficulties. You know how by understanding English, you get to know what’s happening on the other side of the world, might it be concerning politics or humanities. You know how learning a new language opens up a whole new different perspective and helps you get a deeper understanding of another culture.

While saying Chinese will replace English as the global language is a stretch, we cannot lie that understanding and having the ability to converse in Chinese in addition to English will bring you another level of benefits. Just like what you experienced with learning English!

When factoring in the non-native speakers, English is indeed the most widely spoken language globally, and Chinese comes second. But, if you count only the native speakers, Chinese has a significantly larger number of speakers. Around 1.3 billion people speak Chinese, and roughly 917 million of them speak Mandarin. English is only the third after Spanish.

Chinese is not only spoken in Mainland China but also in Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. And it is not uncommon for Chinese-speaking people to just learn English in school. Only a few can speak it at a conversational level, moreover a professional level. That is why learning Chinese will get you a thousand steps ahead of your colleagues. 

So, what are the benefits of learning Chinese? Check this out!

Learning Chinese opens up a whole new career opportunity for you

The main driver for you to learn Chinese probably is how it can benefit your professional growth and opportunity. 

China’s economy has been experiencing massive growth in the recent decade. The country is now one of the most critical players on the global business stage. Over the 35 years, China has transformed itself from a third-world country into a global superpower. 

A lot of suppliers and manufacturers with competitive prices are coming from China. Big Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Huawei are expanding their business to a global scale. Currently, China is also the world’s biggest e-commerce market, making many business owners looking to break into this international market. 

In doing so, these companies are required to be able to converse in Mandarin. It will be so much easier to build a relationship and successfully deal with those business partners if you can communicate in Chinese. This is why there’s a huge demand for employees who can speak both Chinese and English. Since this skill is rare, you will be a very appealing candidate that’s hard to say no to if you can speak both Chinese and English.

For your information, China is also a great place to work abroad. Surprisingly, some jobs like teaching English in China pay a lot better than in other countries in Asia. On the holidays, you got to enjoy the magnificent cities and landscapes, tasty local cuisine, and authentic culture.

Learning Chinese gives you access to Chinese online spaces & e-commerces

Due to government restrictions, Chinese people do not share a shared online space like us. The Chinese internet has its own multimedia content and e-commerce, which are left unknown to the rest of the world. Having Mandarin language skills come in handy in situations like this, especially for you who like to shop online and make money through online shopping.

As you know, most of your products’ manufacturers are from China. This is why in Chinese e-commerces, you can find high-quality goods at lower price levels. In addition to personal benefit, you can also use this as a business opportunity. We have seen a couple of small & medium businesses on Instagram that provide entrusted service to buy goods from Chinese e-commerces. You can also do this for additional pocket money!

Learning Chinese allows you to enjoy the authentic beauty of Chinese culture

Aside from job-seeking and business benefits, there are plenty of other advantages you are opening yourself up to if you can understand Mandarin. Chinese culture is one of the richest and oldest civilizations in the world. Understanding the language will make you appreciate its culture and even its food like you’ve never had before. 

Understanding Mandarin can also help you enjoy Chinese music and movies to the fullest. While you can turn on the subtitles or look for the translation of Chinese song lyrics, translations may not always deliver the original meaning. You might also miss one or two great jokes in the movie if you don’t understand Mandarin.

This also applies when you visit Mainland China. China has a huge non-English-speaking population. Besides, there is a super-rich culture behind it’s language, making it hard to enjoy its people’s interaction and culture’s authentic beauty without understanding the language. 


While saying Chinese will replace English as the global language is a stretch, we cannot lie that having the ability to converse in both Chinese and English will bring you a lot of advantages. Just like what you experienced with learning English. Moreover, China is now one of the global superpowers. That’s why learning Chinese now is more important than ever, especially when you already speak fluent English.

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Written by: Suci Fransiska

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